Terms and Conditions

MMAS(UK) Limited T/A Peer Accountants is registered in England and Wales with company registration number 14195942, and our registered address is Trigate Business Centre, Hagley Road West, Birmingham, B68 0NP. A list of our members is available at our registered address.

Client Responsibilities

  • Clients must provide Peer Accountants with a current email address and regularly check this email to promptly respond to requests from Peer Accountants. Any changes to the email address should be communicated to Peer Accountants within five working days.
  • Expense claims must be backed by original VAT receipts. In cases where the end client requires receipts for billable expenses, Peer Accountants will accept scanned, faxed, or photocopied receipts.

Account Access and Liability

  • Access to Peer Accountants’ systems is conditional on maintaining a fee-paying client status.
  • Peer Accountants will not be held liable for any interest or penalties resulting from the client or the client’s company's failure to respond timely to requests from Peer Accountants or any government department.


  • By engaging with Peer Accountants, clients authorise us to conduct online checks for Money Laundering purposes.
  • We adhere to our fixed price quotation for services. Any additional services required will only commence after agreeing on the price in advance.

Financial Arrangements

  • Clients may be referred to an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) by Peer Accountants, for which Peer Accountants may receive a commission. Clients will be informed of the commission amount once received.
  • Clients are liable for any unpaid fees to Peer Accountants by their company or business.
  • Clients agree to set up a direct debit mandate with Peer Accountants for fee payment.

Termination of Services

  • Upon resignation or termination of services by the client, Peer Accountants will cease to act as the registered office and will redirect any correspondence to the client’s last known personal address. Clients with addresses in Scotland must arrange for the change of registered office themselves.
  • Peer Accountants will not be responsible for dealing with correspondence post- resignation or termination at the end of the respective month.

Advisory Limits and Referrals

  • Clients are responsible for their commercial decisions and risks; Peer Accountants provides accountancy and tax advice and does not offer legal or contractual advice.
  • Referral fees may be offered for clients recommending Peer Accountants to new clients. These referred clients must maintain a full fee-paying status for at least three months and meet our standard criteria for the referrer to be eligible for any referral fee.

Clients agree to these terms and conditions by engaging with Peer Accountants, ensuring a transparent and efficient partnership.

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