New Businesses

Our expert guidance during the critical early stages of your business sets the foundation for long-term success. We are here to provide valuable advice every step of the way.

At Peer Accountants, we offer services to support start-ups in building a solid foundation for their entrepreneurial journey. Our expertise includes creating detailed business plans and financial forecasts essential for steering your venture towards success.

During the initial stages of starting your business, we can help you apply for start-up loans, which can be invaluable in securing financial support to launch your ideas. We can also help you set up limited companies, offering a streamlined process to establish your corporate identity.

We know that efficient management of finances is critical to business growth, so we offer tailored recommendations for invoicing and accounting software and comprehensive training to ensure you have the necessary skills to manage your financial affairs with confidence. Our advisory services also extend to exploring various trading structures, such as sole trader, partnership, or limited company. We aim to provide in-depth insights into the legal and tax implications of each business structure enabling you to make an informed decision.